Monday, March 22, 2010

Those Moments.

Remember when we used to hang about and just keep on talking? Remember how you used to tease me about everything you can just to get the story out of me? Remember all the secrets that I told you, and you told me? Remember when you used to drive me anywhere I want to go because you just feel like so? Remember all the places we've been? Remember the times you got mad at me for not listening? Remember when you used to care so much? Remember you used to tell me stuff...and you used to tell people stuff too, just to get me out of trouble? Remember when we just have each others back?

I remember... I remember all of it.

I miss you, Mathew... We all here do.. And being in Curtin just doesn't help at all.

We try not to talk so much about you now, because it just gets to us. Every time someone says your name, everybody just keeps quiet. I know they don't say it, but I just know everybody misses you dearly. I do.

I just have these moments when I think of you; I just don't like the feeling.

Man, I miss you. :(

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