Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Talking about needs.

All of a sudden I'm having this urge of having pet cats. Or to be more precise, just a cat. I miss having cats I can play with or even talk to every time I feel like it. They don't complain like humans do so it's always a plus. It's more of a plus because humans too need listeners once in awhile.

But you know after thinking it over and over again, although it's cute to have a cute pet but maybe it's not such a good idea. Since I'll be away for campus and there won't be anybody that would take care of my cat(if I would actually have one)voluntarily.

And of course, after all the hamsters I used to have that died on me...and also my sisters. Maybe it really is not a good idea. I even had a hamster that ran away from it's cage. Was found a week after, then gone again a few days after that. Take note though, I wasn't the one taking care of them, I was in Uni. LOL. Still I feel sorry for them.

Aaah... Alright.

Let's just get down to business and let me tell you what I really want...

I really want to get this out of my chest.


..........I really want satays. LOL.

Yes.....satays. :)

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