Sunday, February 7, 2010

Open Your Eyes.

Oh yes, my holiday is coming to an end. Real soon. I still haven't started my journey of finding myself though. LOL. Though I did find a part of me. In somebody else. :)

You know what, I just noticed something. I've been behaving in this mundane-kind-of-behavior lately. It's a good start for a new version of me. 'Cause you gotta admit, getting excited at almost anything can be a little dull, not to say annoying(and bothers the hell out of me in a way)sometimes. Not that I'm saying it's not fun to do so. But you know...Hehe.

But oh well. I guess there's never an ending to that kind of journey. And even when there is, the journey of the journey (if that makes sense?) is all that matters, not the end result. Like what people say, "You are what you're made of". But is that really true?

If you ask me, I gotta agree with that as cliché as it might sound.

So anyways...

I stumbled into this the other day. Brothers & Sisters, take a second and do take a look. It's something more of the religious side of me I guess. For those non-Muslims, also Muslims readers; it's an eye opener for me. Hope it's for you too.

It may be applied to other religions too(in a way?), if you want it to be.

Wait up till the middle part okay... 'Cause you know, sharing is caring. :)


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