Sunday, August 22, 2010

Can't help but wait.

It's been ages hasn't it! :D

I'm currently at home, filling my days with whatever I have in mind at that moment.
Won't deny it, I miss Miri. & I miss the people in Miri. Although I do feel a bit relieved since I don't need to study and pass my exams and all that in this period of time, but I do miss the life. All & all, it does seem to intrigued me, about what's gonna happen through these months that I have to face. Had a big lapse from my life, and currently recovering from it. I hope. :)

I'm a victim of my own doings. It's as if I'm still falling but hasn't hit the ground. Not yet. Very soon though, very soon indeed. Allah save me.

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Harleen David said...

Ohh my I'm like spamming all your post's comment or something..

I hope everything is gonna turn out fine pah.. I want you back here.. I miss my epah.. Everything is so dull here..

I pray that everything is gonna be fine, and that you'll come back :)